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The Department of Economics and Business Studies welcomes foreign students for study periods in Genoa!

Most of the information and the application form can be accessed on the University website at the following links:

Additional informations

  • Most of the courses are taught in Italian. However, for many of the courses, it is possible to sit the exam in English. If you are interested in sitting the exam in English, please refer to the instructions included in the individual course programme and get in touch with the professor or lecturer.
  • The academic calendar and other useful information are available at the following page:
  • The Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programmes and English courses are available here :
  • A description of the courses is available at the following link  ( program of the course, professor, number of credits, etc.) (mainly in Italian): Courses programme
  • The timetable for the lessons is available at the following link (in Italian): Timetable
  • A list of the Department Professors and Lectures is available at the following link: Department Professors and Lectures


*For any general issues relating to the Erasmus+ programme, application form, accomodation, italian language course please contact:
-Servizio Mobilità Internazionale - Settore Mobilità Internazionale (International Mobility Office)
Piazza della Nunziata 6 (2nd floor)
16124 Genoa
Tel. +39 010 209 9545 Fax: +39 010 209 5012
Opening Hours: Monday-Wednesday-Thursday - Friday from 9.00 to 12.00 Tuesday 9.00-11.00 and 14.30 to 16.00

*For specific issues relating to the Department of Economics and Business Studies please contact:
Departmental Coordinator : Prof.ssa Marina Resta
Tel +39 010 209 5469

Erasmus Office : Dr.Nataša Podlesnik
Tel. +39 010 209 5460
Opening Hours:
Monday-Wednesday-Thursday - Friday from 10.00 to 12.00 and and by appointment via e-mail on Wednesday afternoon


• Lessons for the first semester of academic year 2020-21 begin: 14 September 2020
• Lessons for the second semester of academic year 2020-21 begin: 15 February 2021


Send the Application Form
The module, instructions and information required to complete the Application Form are available here:
If you encounter technical problems in following the online procedure, please write to
The signed and stamped application form has to be sent only via email to the address, directly by the international Office of your home University.


To enrol at the University of Genoa and to register your arrival in the city, please go to:

1) Servizio Mobilità Internazionale - Settore Mobilità Internazionale (International Mobility Office)
Piazza della Nunziata 6 (2nd floor)
16124 Genova
Tel. +39 010 209 9545
Fax: +39 010 209 5012
Open to the public:
• Mondays to Fridays from 9.00 to 12.00
• Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 14.30 to 16.00
You will be given a certificate of arrival/presence and a badge to take advantage of all the services which the University of Genoa offers.

2) Erasmus+ Office
Dott.ssa Nataša Podlesnik
Department of Economics
Via Vivaldi 5, 16126 Genoa - Italy
Tel: +39 010 209 5460

You must show your certificate of arrival/presence (see above) and hand in your LEARNING AGREEMENT, if you already have it. Alternatively, you can bring it as soon as it is ready.
Please note the deadlines for requesting changes to the learning agreement are strictly as follows:
• October 15 for the first semester.
• April 15 for the second semester.

Your learning agreement can be signed by your Erasmus coordinator only if it is complete with all the codes and exams that you are intending to sit during your Erasmus semester/s in Genoa.
Your learning agreement must be signed by you, by the Erasmus coordinator of your own University and the Erasmus coordinator of the Department of Economics.
IMPORTANT: Once you have handed in your final learning agreement, the exams you have chosen will be loaded on your online virtual study career and you will be able to enrol for your exams.
If you do not hand in your learning agreement you will not be able to enrol for exams, nor will you be able to obtain a final Transcript of Records.

- to collect your badge

In the webpage
click Servizi on line
then, on the right, click Accedi
log in with your username (e.mail or Sxxxxxxxxx matriculation number) and password
follow the path:

  • Per gli studenti
  • Carriera
  • Gestione prenotazione esami
  • Prenotazione esami

From this page, you have to click on the right on Nuova prenotazione esami
Then: Vedi gli esami prenotabili
You will see the courses you have put in your learning agreement.
For each course, you can choose among different dates.
Please check that the course is correct (credits, teacher, code…)
Choose the date and click PRENOTA.

To fill correctly your Learning Agreement and the changes :

  • 1-the name of the course you want to follow correctly written
  • 2-the code of the course and the department (if different from the department of economics)
  • 3-check carefully the codes of the courses,each course corresponds to a different professor,if the code is wrong you won't be able to take exam so attention!!
  • 4- the number of credits in each course (if you need the hours you will have to write them both)

if you miss any of these data you will not find the online course so beware !!

Remember to go to the Erasmus Office of the Department of Economics for a final check of all the documents. You should have:
1) all the results of the exams you have taken, registered online
2) the Attendance Certificate
3) the Transcript of Records.
The Attendance Certificate (date of arrival – date of departure) will be signed either by your Erasmus coordinator or Departmental Coordinator.
Please contact your Erasmus coordinator at least one week prior to your departure to arrange signature of the Attendance Certificate.
The date of arrival on the Certificate of Attendance will coincide with the date you registered at the International Students Office in Via Bensa.
Once you have finished all your exams, you can request your Transcript of Records (the document that contains a list of all the credits gained and results of the exams passed) from:
Student Service Office of the School of Social Sciences (Segreteria Studenti della Scuola di Scienze Sociali)
Palazzo Belimbau
Piazza della Nunziata 2 – ground floor
16124 Genova

  • If all the votes/results are online you will have the Transcript of Records immediately
  • In the event of some votes/results are not registered yet or you go back home before the results: leave an envelope with a postage stamp and the address where you want it to be sent your Transcript of Records once ready - the office  will send it directly to you
  • If you want your Transcript of Records to be sent also by e-mail you have to specify it  and leave your e-mail address to the office employee : remember it's important!
  • - if you have special needs you can write to: or call (+39) 010209 - 9634/9627


        • 1. The results of the examinations are verbalized by the professors
        • 2. The result of the exam will be sent to you with an e-mail.
        • 3. You will receive a notification of the result within 30 days of the exam, you can discuss it with the professor within 10 days of the notification and - within the same deadline - you can refuse the vote: After that time the exam is recorded and will be written on your transcript of records
        • 4. If the examination ends with an oral exam you can reject the vote immediately, so when the professor communicates the vote
        • 5. The result of the exam that you refused does not appear in your career but if you want to have it written on your transcript of records as "failed" you have to say this to the professor so he/she will register it online. If you do not make this specific request on your transcript of record there will be written nothing ! so attention.
        • 6 .If you do not attend the exam or you withdraw, the professor will register you as absent and therefore nothing will be appear on the transcript of rercords
        • 7. WARNING: If you don't  make a request to the secretary office you will not receive the Transcript of Record , it is your responsibility to request it!!!!

IMPORTANT: prior to your departure please be sure you have given back all the books that you borrowed to the University and/or Department Library.