Ph.D. in Management and security

Coordinator of the Curriculum: Prof. Teresina Torre 


The curriculum in Management and Security is one of the six curricula of the PhD program in Security, Risk and Vulnerability.
The PhD program aims to train a new generation of researchers capable to tackle the security challenges of the future, from different perspectives and with a specific attitude to the comprehension of the complexity underlying these topics.

This specific curriculum in Management and Security is designed to equip its PhD students with the theoretical and analytical instruments necessary to understand various business, management and security dimensions, to use theoretical models and conduct empirical, high-quality analysis at the frontier of managerial research. Such instruments are acquired through the attendance to advanced methodological, disciplinary and specialty courses that explore the different ways in which security, risk, and vulnerability issues play out in the business and managerial world both in research and in practice.

Learning objectives

The curriculum in Management and Security offers training on the main managerial dimensions at an advanced level. Particular emphasis is given to the acquisition of an appropriate mindset for doing research, which entails epistemological and methodological issues, conceptual and applied qualitative and quantitative tools for conducting theoretical and empirical research, as well as the knowledge of the most common software used in academic research. All courses are taught in English. The teaching methods may include flipped classes (in which students read materials, discuss them, and learn through practical application of methodological principles both in class and on their own), in-class discussion, face-to-face lectures, and group works, aiming to help students become key players in their educational path.

Below is the synthetic list of the courses of the curriculum:

  • Methodological courses:
    • Introduction to research
    • Research toolbox
    • Qualitative research methods – Part 1 & 2
    • Quantitative research methods
  • Disciplinary courses:
    • Accounting and accountability
    • Organization theory and design
    • Strategic management research streams
    • Corporate governance
    • Banking and Finance
    • Supply Chain Management research topics
    • Technology and Marketing for Value Innovation
  • Interdisciplinary courses:
    • Business ethics and CSR
    • Accounting scandals, frauds and critical events: corporate communication and financial reporting transparency
    • Risk management and performance
    • Digitization, cyber-security and organizational action
    • Occupational health and safety management

Career perspective

The curriculum in Management and Security of the Ph.D. in Security, Risk and Vulnerability opens a variety of career opportunities in academia, research institutes, and R&D departments of (inter)national companies.


The PhD program covers a period of three years, starting in Autumn of each academic year.
During the program many activities are developed: attendance to courses, individual study, development of the research project, but also participation to academic life, support for teaching and so on.
Admission exams are held in July of the previous academic year (after interested students have submitted their proposal, following indications all details are found in the official call on the University of Genova web site).
More details related to the activities are available in the dedicated Curriculum page.

N.B. Before enrolling, please download the PhD UniGe Rules.

For more information, you can visit the Ph.D. website.


Coordinator of the curriculum:

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Last update 6 September 2021