Ph.D. in Strategic Engineering

Coordinator of the Ph.D. Course: Prof. Anna Sciomachen


The International Ph.D. Program in Strategic Engineering represents a New Ph.D. with a specific Program to create experts skilled in creating solutions based on the most innovative methodologies related to Strategic Engineering.

The aim is to create a New International Ph.D. Program involving top quality Universities focused on the new discipline called Strategic Engineering and to develop strong Synergies with the NATO M&S Center of Excellence (MSCOE) and other Leading Agencies and Excellence Centers that are interested in the benefits of the related Researches, Developments, Capabilities, Skills, and People.

In this first year of activation of the Ph.D. course in SE,  the following Universities are consortium members:

Learning objectives

The primary goal of the SE doctoral program is to create experienced researchers who can work alongside Decision Makers to design, develop, deploy, and finalize new solutions that provide a strategic advantage in decision making.
Ph.D. students will focus on developing a combined use of Modeling, Simulation, Algorithms, Data Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence closely related to Big Data, to support Decision Makers in a wide range of applications, which will be mainly focused on the fields of logistics and transportation, telecommunications, defense, finance, medical sciences, and biotechnology.
We emphasize the strongly interdisciplinary nature of the Ph.D. course, aimed at a design of "robust" systems, able to cope with possible changes in their operating conditions.

The main topics faced during the three years course are:

  • Modeling, Simulation, Design of complex systems
  • Optimization
  • Computational Intelligence
  • Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Games, Big Data, Decision Making, Strategies for Energy and Telecommunication
  • Safety and Security, Analysis of Complex and Uncertain Systems

Career perspective

In addition to the continuation of research activities at universities or research institutes both public (National Research Council) and private, the natural professional outlets for the Ph.D. course in Strategic Engineering are:

  • Private companies of all industries
  • Public Bodies and Administrations
  • International Defence and Security Agencies and Organizations
  • International Development and Cooperation Agencies
  • Consultancy Companies
  • Freelance Consultants
  • Hi-Tech companies involved in the development of innovative smart solutions
  • International research centers and facilities
  • Physical and virtual attack prediction and decision support operations centers


The Ph.D. Program covers a period of three years, starting in Autumn of each academic year.
During the program, many activities are developed: attendance to courses, attendance to conferences and seminars, individual study, development of the research project, but also participation in academic life and support to teaching activities.
Admission exams are held in July of the previous academic year (after interested students have submitted their proposal, following indications all details are found in the official call on the University of Genova website).

N.B. Before enrolling, please download the Ph.D. UniGe Rules.

For more information, you can visit the Ph.D. website.


Coordinator of the curriculum:

Scientific Representatives of the curriculum:

Last update 6 September 2021