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What is Erasmus+

Erasmus+ for study purposes is a programme that offers the opportunity to study abroad in one of the mobility programme countries and provides a scholarship to successful students to help them make the most of the experience.

N.B. The maximum duration of mobility abroad is one semester.

Incentives for mobility abroad for DIEC students

The Department of Economics promotes and encourages the participation of students of all DIEC courses in international exchange programmes (Erasmus+, etc.), also through the recognition of "other" credits and with an evaluation for the final assessment of the course of study.

The achievement of CFUs abroad determines an additional allocation of points for the Final Examination (Erasmus+ Bonus):

  • from 6 to 11 CFU + 0.5 points
  • from 12 to 18 CFU + 1 point
  • more than 18 CFU + 2 points

In order to avoid possible delays in their careers, Erasmus students may be given the opportunity to bring forward from one semester to the next or from one year to the next the completion of specific examinations provided for in the plan of study.

If you want to know more

  • about the countries where the mobility period can take place, see the 2021/22 DIEC destinations of the Erasmus Manifesto
  • about filling in the application form for the Erasmus call, read the instructions
  • about filling in and modifying your study plan (Learning Agreement) during your period abroad and validating the exams you have taken, read the teaching information
  • about converting grades between UniGe and the host location, check the grade conversion table
Last update 17 March 2022