Teaching calendar

    The teaching calendar is organised into two semesters of lectures and consecutive exams. Generally, the lectures of a course are focused in one semester.
    The exams for all teaching include:

    • 3 calls in the winter session (at the end of the first semester)
    • 3 calls in the summer session (at the end of the second semester)
    • 1 call in the autumn session (after the summer break)

    N.B. In case of a protracted health emergency, the Department reserves the right to reschedule both the modes and times of delivery of teaching activities, and the number of exams in each session.

      Teachings and programmes

      Please check the list of active courses to find out about the teaching programmes.

      Plan of study

      The plan of study is the annual university work project of each student. It is mandatory to complete it at the beginning of each academic year (usually in October).

      You can attend classes in the first semester from the beginning (pending completion of your plan of study), but without your annual plan of study you cannot book and take exams for the academic year in which you are enrolled.
      If you plan to take a small number of exams, you will only be able to enter a few subjects when you fill in your plan of study: in this way, you will have chosen part-time enrollment for the current year.

      During the period of compiling your plan, the Plan of Study function will be enabled in the UniGe online services. 
      If you are unable to compile your plan in the dedicated period, you must request that the system be reopened by sending an email to the Economics Student Desk.

      Lessons and exams calendar

      See the timetable of lessons in:

      For the exams dates, please visit the dedicated pages.

      English for Business & Economics - B1 English

      In all Bachelor courses at DIEC in Genoa, the English for Business & Economics (9 CFU) exam is compulsory, so the attendance of lessons is recommended.

      Teachers only admit to the exam those with language proficiency of at least B1.
      To find out how to demonstrate this competence, please visit the dedicated page.


      If you want to spend a study period abroad, please visit the Erasmus+ study page.


      If you would like to do an internship, please visit the Internships and placements page.

        Theses and graduation sessions

        If you are about to graduate, please consult the Thesis and Graduation Sessions page.

        Teaching evaluation

        The Department of Economics annually surveys the quality of teaching as perceived by students through anonymous questionnaires concerning:

        • the individual courses in your plan of study
        • the study course in which you are enrolled

        For more information and to fill in the teaching evaluation questionnaires, visit the dedicated page.

          Awards and scholarships

          Every year, calls are made available for the most deserving students to win prizes and scholarships.
          Visit the dedicated page to find out if you can participate in the various calls.


            If you need help during your course, you can use the tutoring service
            Visit the Student Tutoring page to contact the Department's team of tutors.

            Student representatives

            If you need to, contact the student representatives in the Department Council.

            Online teaching

            Please use the following services during your academic year:


            Information and useful contacts

            Please visit the Information and useful contact page if you need:

            • administrative and organisational aspects
            • plan of study, didactics, exams
            • internationalisation
            • tutoring
            • UniGe psychological counselling service
            Last update 15 October 2022