Bachelor Degree course in Business Administration (CLEA)

The Course in brief

The Bachelor Degree course in Business Administration provides a solid, critical and professional training in business management.
The course provides a general view of the problems of business from the business, economic, legal and mathematical-quantitative aspects.

If you enroll in the Business Administration course you can participate in a Double Degree programme to obtain a Bachelor of Arts in International Management from Augsburg University.

Teaching information

To know the contents of the course, please read the Programmazione didattica (Teaching schedule).
To know the teachings offered in this academic year, please read the Manifesto.
See also the Teaching Regulation.
Read the results of the Student Opinion Survey about teaching.

Head of program and Tutor Professors

The Head of the program is Prof. Corrado Lagazio
If you need advice on the choices about your study course you can refer to the tutor professors:

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Students' representatives

You can also contact the Students' Representatives


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Last update 2 November 2022