Prospective students - Bachelor's Degrees

Pre-enrollment and online registration

To pre-enroll, follow the procedure on the UniGe page and remember to confirm your enrollment online.

All courses in the Department of Economics are open access, but you have to take.

  • the Assessment of initial knowledge (TE.L.E.MA.CO.), unless exempted (Genoa, Imperia)
  • the Assessment test, to certify possession of a B1 English level

Both tests must be booked (you must be pre-enrolled).

Assessment of initial knowledge TE.L.E.MA.CO.

The TEst di Logica E MAtematica e COmprensione verbale is the same for all Bachelor of Economics courses, and consists of two parts to be completed in succession (Common Core and Mathematical Extension). 

Results of TE.L.E.MA.CO. 

If you do not pass TE.L.E.MA.CO., you can still enroll and attend lessons, but you must complete the OFAs as follows:

  • if you do not pass the "common core" part you will be assigned:
    • common core's OFA
    • and the OFA in mathematics
  • if you pass the common core but do not pass the "extension" part you will be assigned
    • the OFA in mathematics
  • for each OFA assigned you will have to follow the dedicated PER.S.E.O. course and at the end you will have to take the corresponding TE.S.E.O. test
  • if you complete a PER.S.E.O. by 5 November 2021, you have up to 3 chances to take the TE.S.E.O. (10 November, 30 November and 20 December 2021)
  • If you do not pass the TE.S.E.O. in either November or December, you will have to fulfil your OFAs by taking the Business Administration (Economia Aziendale) exam (if you still have the Common Core OFA) and the General Mathematics exam (if you still have the Mathematics OFA) from January 2022
    N.B. You will not be able to take any more exams until you have completed your OFAs.

English Assessment test

The English Assessment Test is designed to recognize language competence at least at the B1 level of the English language. If you already have a valid B1 certificate, you can submit it and you do not have to take the test.

If you are exempted from TE.L.E.MA.CO., and therefore also from the English Assessment Test, you have to take this English test, as B1 is a prerequisite for taking the compulsory English for Business and Economics exam. So book the English Assessment Test on one of the reserved dates in November or December 2021.

If you fail the English Assessment Test, the University of Genoa gives you the opportunity to fill in your English language gaps by attending a compulsory course and subsequent B1 test. To find out more, go to the English B1 Competence page.

Transfer from other courses and recognition of previous careers

If you want to transfer to a Bachelor course from another course at UniGe or another university, you can ask for an informal evaluation of your previous career.

Please read carefully the Guidelines for submitting informal career evaluation requests.

Maths pre-course

Each year, the Department organises a pre-course for freshers to consolidate the basics of mathematics, in order to better prepare for the General Mathematics lessons of the first semester.
The course is also useful for preparing for the TE.L.E.MA.CO. test.

To learn more and to book go to Aulaweb.

Last update 9 October 2023