Teaching calendar a.y. 2021/2022 - Imperia

Organisation of the teaching calendar for the CLTUR study course

The teaching calendar is organised in 2 semesters. Lessons and examinations in Imperia are scheduled from Monday to Saturday.

Lessons from:

  • 6 cfu foresee 36 hours of lessons
  • 9 cfu foresee 54 hours of lessons

The exams for all subjects include:

  • 3 calls in the winter exam session
  • 3 calls in the summer exam session
  • 1 call in the autumn exam session

N.B. In the event of prolonged emergencies, the Department reserves the right to reschedule both the methods and timetables for the provision of teaching activities and the number of exams in each session.

Last update 7 September 2021