Master's Course in Management (MAN)

The Master's Course in brief

The problems faced by managers, the theories for interpreting them, the methodologies and tools for managing them. All this characterises the Management pathway, marked by a range of disciplines - business, economic, legal and quantitative - which are strongly interdependent in terms of content. A mix to approach the different dimensions of companies, grasp their connections, bring them to synthesis and provide essential skills for the various areas of management.

Teaching information

To know the contents of the course, please read the Programmazione didattica (Teaching schedule).
To know the teachings offered in this academic year, please read the Manifesto.
See also the Teaching Regulation.
Read the results of the Student Opinion Survey about teaching.

Head of program and Tutor Professors

The Head of the program is Prof. Silvia Bruzzi.
If you need advice on the choices about your course of study you can refer to the tutor professors:

Did you know that...?

  • with the mobility program Erasmus+ Studio you can study abroad and also you may obtain a bonus calculated on your Laurea vote
  • the Council of the Course of Study has set up a Consulta whose members are teachers of the Course and some representatives of the operative world
  • you can find information on how The training course (and beyond) for Management students in the time of the Coronavirus was carried out
  • you can use our CV check service. Read the presentation and book on Aulaweb
  • by taking part in the Mentoring Project, you have the opportunity to enrich your training with an " on-site" experience, developed according to the logic of observing a real life business experience at a company in the Genoa/Liguria area. Read the presentation and apply (Deadline 23 February 2019)
  • if you participate in the Soft Skills lab, you can acquire soft skills, i.e., those abilities used by each of us to interact with the social and physical environment - Watch the video
  • you can find more information on the UniGe page of the course

Students' representatives

You can also contact the Students' Representatives


If you want to express your opinion, visit the page of Reports and Complaints

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