#DIECnonsiferma - lessons modalities a.y. 21/22


At the beginning of the academic year 2021/22, the Department resumes teaching in blended mode, according to UniGe guidelines, with the highest number of in-person classes. Students can attend classes also remotely via Microsoft Teams.

The Department of Economics, in this period of coronavirus emergency, has not stopped.
Lessons, degree sessions, library services, student services and administrative services are continuing, by homeworking.

Teaching activities continued by Microsoft Teams, used to conduct video lessons in synchronous mode, with direct interacting, or asynchronous mode. Some lessons include presentations, online resources on Aulaweb (a Moodle e-learning platform).The use of self-assessment tests, exercises and forums, study groups is widespread.


Starting 20th September 2021 teaching activities are in blended mode: in-person classes, with streaming by Teams

distance tutoring service
Now in-person (Via Vivaldi) or byTeams #SMARTtogether (code TI03TF9 )

 DIEC Career Day (remote)

Last update 1 October 2021