Erasmus+ Incoming Students

Before starting mobility abroad 

To find out the starting dates for the first and second semesters, please check the Teaching Calendar.

For more information visit Incoming Erasmus+ Students UniGe page.

When you arrive

  1. To enroll at the University of Genoa and to register your arrival in the city, go to:Servizio Mobilità Internazionale - (International Mobility Office)
    Piazza della Nunziata 6 (2nd floor)
    16124 Genova
    Tel: +39 010 209 9545
    Fax: +39 010 209 5012
    Please contact to find out how the office can be opened in a health emergency. It may be necessary to send the documentation by e-mail instead of coming in person.
  2. To present the certificate of arrival/attendance (see point 1) and hand in the Learning Agreement (if you already have it or will bring it as soon as it is ready)
    Erasmus Office:
    Nataša Podlesnik
    Dipartimento di Economia
    Via Vivaldi 5 16126 Genova
    Tel: +39 010 209 5460
    Please contact to find out how the office can be opened in a health emergency. It may be necessary to send the documentation by e-mail instead of coming in person.

Please ensure that you submit requests for changes to the Learning Agreement within the following deadlines:

  • 15 October for the first semester
  • 15 April for the second semester

Your Learning Agreement can only be signed by your Erasmus contact person in Genoa if it is complete with the codes and exams you intend to take during your Erasmus period in UniGe.
The Learning Agreement must be signed:

  • by you
  • by the Erasmus contact person at your university
  • by the Erasmus contact person of the Department of Economics

At this stage, you will have to hand it in to the Erasmus Office because only when you have handed in your final Learning Agreement will the exams you have chosen be uploaded to your online "virtual career" and you will be able to book your exams.If you don't hand in your Learning Agreement you won't be able to book your exams and you will have problems getting a complete final Transcript of Records.


You can find the exams to be taken on the UniGe course page. Consult the table to find the economics courses taught in English.
Remember that if a course is taught in Italian, you can ask the course teacher to take the exam in English. If you are interested in taking the exam in English, please follow the instructions at the end of the teaching programme and contact the teacher responsible for the course.

Procedure for booking exams

Go to UniGe Servizi Online:

  1. Click top right on Accedi (log in)
  2. Enter your UniGePASS credentials (the username is your email or your student number with an S in front of it - Example: Sxxxxxxx)
  3. From here click on the following items:
    1. Per gli Studenti (for students)
    2. Carriera (Career)
    3. Gestione prenotazione esami (Exam booking management)
    4. Prenotazione esami (Booking exams)
  4. From this page you must click on the right on Nuova prenotazione esami (New exam booking)
  5. Then you see the bookable exams. Here you will see the courses you have put in the Learning Agreement.
    For each course, you can choose between different dates.
    Check that the course is correct (credits, teacher, code...)
  6. Select the date and click on PRENOTA (BOOK).

Remember to inform the Erasmus office of any changes of course that you have decided to implement.

In order to fill in the Learning Agreement and exchanges correctly, you will need to write the following data:

  • name of the course you want to take written in a legible and correct manner
  • course code and department (if different from the Department of Economics).
    Pay close attention to the codes, as each one corresponds to a different professor, so if you write the wrong code you will not be able to book the exam
  • number of credits for each course (if you need hours you have to write both)

Without this information you will not find the online course.

Before going back home

Remember to contact the Erasmus Office of the Department of Economics for a final check of your documentation.

This is what you must have:

  • all the marks of the examinations taken, recorded online
  • the Certificate of Attendance
  • the Transcript of Records (the document showing the credits and grades of all exams passed)

The Certificate of Attendance (date of arrival - date of departure) will be signed by your Erasmus contact person or Departmental Coordinator.
Remember to contact the Erasmus reference person for the signature on the certificate of attendance at least one week before your departure.
The date of arrival shown will be the date of registration at the International Mobility and Reception Office for Foreign Students in Via Bensa.

When you have completed all your exams, you can request your Transcript of Records from the Student Secretariat of the School of Social Sciences by sending an email to

If all the votes are online you will get the Transcript of Records immediately.
If there are still votes to be recorded online, or you return home before you have all the results, you can request that the Transcript of Records be sent to you by email, leaving your email address with the secretariat staff.

Remember that:

  • exam results are recorded by the professors
  • you will be notified of the exam result by email. You will receive notification of the result within 30 days of the exam being taken. You may view the examination paper and/or discuss it with your teacher within 10 days of being notified of your result. You may also renounce your mark within the same period. After this deadline, the exams are automatically registered and will be recorded in the Transcript of Records.
  • if the exam ends with an oral test, you may waive your mark immediately, i.e. when the professor announces the mark to you
  • the result of the exam you failed does not appear in your career record, but if you would like it to appear in your Transcript of Records as a "failed", you must tell the professor, who will then record it online as a failed exam. If you do not make this specific request, there will be nothing in your Transcript of Records
  • exams recorded as withdrawn and absent are not transferred to the Transcript of Records (see University Teaching Regulations - General Part, Art. 29 paragraph 8)
  • if you do not submit a request to the Secretariat, you will not receive a Transcript of Records. It is your responsibility to ask for it

Before leaving, make sure you have returned all the books you have borrowed from the Departmental Library Service and/or UniGe.

You can find other necessary information, in English, at the following links:

Useful contact

  • for information about the application form, enrollment, accommodation and the Italian language course:
    Servizio Mobilità Internazionale - Settore Mobilità Internazionale (Internazional Mobility Office)
    Piazza della Nunziata 6 (2nd floor)
    16124 Genova
    Tel: +39 010 209 9545  Fax: +39 010 209 5012
  • Department Erasmus Delegate: 
    Marina Resta
  • Erasmus Office:
    Nataša Podlesnik
    Tel: +39 010 209 5460

For more information:

Last update 3 October 2022