Information and useful contact

On this page you will find all the information and contact details you need to immerse yourself immediately in your new life as a UniGe student and to make the most of your studies.

Let's start

In the Freshers' Kit you will find all the main information you need to start your life as a UniGe student.

Tools and technology

  • UniGe credentials - UniGe Pass:
    When enrollment is complete, the University of Genoa provides each student with their personal credentials (username and password) UniGePASS to access the University's IT services
  • the e-mail service:
    The e-mail address provided at the time of enrollment is essential for all communications to and from the University.
  • the AulaWeb teaching platform:
    you will find programmes and teaching materials for all courses and other training and laboratory activities. There are also 4 student forums, dedicated to DIEC freshers in groups A-C, D-L, M-Q, R-Z, with all the information on the courses in which you are enrolled
  • Office 365 UniGe Suite
    includes the Teams and Stream applications for live and streaming lessons
  • MyUniGe app (IOS and Android):
    use it for lessons timetable, exam call calendars and to book face-to-face lessons

Administrative and organisational topics

Plan of study, teaching, exams


  • English for Business  & Economics:
    is a course designed for DIEC students, providing the tools to address socio-political and economic issues in English, available on AulaWeb
  • Other foreign languages:
    courses are available on AulaWeb
  • Erasmus+: 
    from your second year of studies, you can take part in the Erasmus+ programme, which provides for a semester of study abroad, with a scholarship and a predefined study programme (the 'learning agreement') within a framework of agreements between universities

Studying successfully and experiencing the Department at 360°.

Taking courses, studying and taking exams are intense, demanding and rewarding activities.
In order to successfully achieve all the objectives of one's studies, it is useful and important to make full use of all the support available:

  • DIEC tutoring:
    is a team of PhD students and students, coordinated by Department professors, dedicated to supporting all DIEC students and freshers in particular, providing information, guidance and practical help with their studies. The first point of reference for any doubts or needs are the reception tutors, who are in constant communication with all DIEC students via e-mail and through the social channels Facebook and Instagram.
  • UniGe Psychological Counselling Service:it is a service in full confidentiality to deal effectively with situations of personal, relational or learning-related difficulties

First of all, the Department is a space for exchange and dialogue, in which it is useful to participate.
The study course council, the orientation commission, the degree course coordinators and the student representatives are all bodies and individuals who work for and with students in the Department.
Even online, DIEC remains a point of reference for dialogue with the local area and the world of production, through workshops, meetings, events, projects and initiatives, which are regularly promoted on AulaWeb and all communication channels and in which it is important to participate in order to open up to the world and put oneself to the test.

Last update 1 September 2021