Compiling the of the Plan of Study

What is the Plan of study

The Plan of study is the annual university work project of each student. At the beginning of each academic year (usually in October) the student must indicate which subjects (compulsory or elective) he or she is enrolling in, using the Plan of Study platform.
A student without an annual plan of study will not even be able to book exams for the year: no one can take exams that they have not indicated in their plan of study.

When and how

The plan of study must be completed online in the period for completing the plan (only in that period is the Plan of Study function enabled, which can be accessed from Online Services > Career > Plans of Study).

N.B. If you are a student enrolled in years subsequent to the first year, the platform requires you to have already rated the teaching quality of the previous year's course.

For the academic year 2021/22 the period for compiling the plan of study is from 11 October to 25 October 2021. After 25 October 2021, completion is only possible by requesting the reopening of the system at

Conscious filling in

To compile your plan in the most conscious way:

  • carefully read the Manifesto, available on the page dedicated to your Course:
    consult the Plan of Study with the list of subjects and their programmes (also pay attention to the semester in which they are located)
  • consult the mini-guides:
    The mini-guides provide useful information for Bachelor students, in particular if you are planning a part-time enrollment, a mobility period with Erasmus+, or if you are waiting for a resolution to recognise exams already taken (transitions, transfers, etc...)
    • Mini-guide for first or second year students in a bachelor's degree programme
    • Mini-guide for third-year students in a bachelor's degree programme
    • FAQ Plan of Study
    • Tutorial Plan of Study
  • See the webinars Plan of study:
    • for 1st and 2nd year students (4 October 2021): on Teams with the code apelw72
    • for 3rd year students (13 October 2021): on Teams with code gf2hkqb
Last update 2 October 2021