Prospective students - Master's Degrees

Pre-enrollment and online registration

To pre-enroll, follow the procedure on the UniGe page and remember to confirm your enrollment online.

All courses in the Department of Economics are open access. However, to enroll in a Master's degree programme, you must have:

  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent
  • specific Curricular admission requirements
  • Adequate personal preparation

Curricular admission requirements

Curricular admission requirements are automatically recognized if you are a direct access graduate.
Otherwise, you will have to submit your application for assessment of the requirements and wait for it to be recognized by a special committee.

Please read the requirements for access in:

Adequate personal preparation

Adequate personal preparation must be demonstrated by taking a test, unless exempted. The test covers the fundamentals necessary for the Master's degree you are interested in, according to a list of topics related to the degree course you wish to enroll in. You can take this test once you have met the admission requirements. If you do not pass the test, you cannot enroll, but you can retake it on subsequent dates.

To participate and find out the results, check the dates and results on the Calendar and Results page of the Master's degree tests.

N.B. If you have a foreign degree, you must:

Deadlines and procedures

Enrollments for Master's degree courses close on 28 February each year. Therefore, if you are a student on a Bachelor's course, you must graduate no later than the February graduation session in order to continue with the Master's degree course.
On the University of Genoa website you can find detailed information on:

Last update 1 September 2023